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Henry's latest suicidal outing crash lands him in the wilds of New Mexico. Broke, carless, and with no memory of the night before, his efforts to find his way home throws him in the path of a menagerie of strange and colorful strangers who eventually help him find the strength to re-enter his life.

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Beam is a smuggler, cheat, and general rogue. But when a gift from his long dead Mother opens the portals to the memories of a hundred past lives, he is forced to rise to a higher purpose and see his unwanted destiny realized.

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Mar 05

Henry's Re-entry Receives Rave Kirkus...

I'm pleased and proud to announce that Henry's Re-entry has just received an excellent Kirkus review and the Kirkus Star, awarded to books of... Learn more

Feb 16


SOMEONE WAS BANGING ON THE DOOR. The noise was excruciating and relentless, like beating an iron bell with a crowbar. Bam! Bam! Bam! Henry... Learn more

Feb 12

Publisher's Blog

Welcome to Caelstone Press. This is the maiden blog of this new publishing website, the first of many to come, we hope. Our primary author is... Learn more